This is where you can find everything you need to know about the HONOloids!

Here, you can find out more about the members, to updates about the songs they sing! We will try to frequently update this page as often as we can, but please take note that only a few members run this blog, such as the voice owners of Hoshi, Honoka and Kei.

Hopefully you enjoy yourself! Have fun exploring new things about the Honoloids!


(Please take note that it's still under contsruction, but will be up and running smoothly soon!)

What is HONOloid about?Edit

Basically, HONOloids (Or simply written as 'Honoloids') is a group of UTAU members. Those members include:

These are the current members of the Honoloid cast, but we're growing more and more each day! Sadly, we do not accept anyone unless we know you personally, or ask you personally to join our group. 

The HONNOloids specialize in harmonies, hence the japanese word 'Hono' meaning harmony! They all blend well together, no matter who's paired up with who.


The main HONOloids:

Where to find us:

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♥ lll Toluthin Antenna lll ♥ (lllトゥルティンアンテナlll)

♥ lll Toluthin Antenna lll ♥ (lllトゥルティンアンテナlll)

Honoka and Teku's Toluthin Antenna!